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Debbie Cook-Jacobs (Kanerahtiiohsta)

I am a Mohawk basket maker from Akwesasne, bear clan. I make utility and fancy baskets from black ash splint and sweetgrass. I also enjoy collecting old baskets for inspiration and duplicating the old style weaves.

Mary Tebo was my first teacher, then I was taught by local basket makers at the Akwesasne Museum. It is so important that they continue to provide classes to carry on traditions.

I have a deep appreciation for baskets; to me they represents the past, present and future. They keep me connected to the earth by finding, preparing and using natural materials. I teach my grandchildren whenever they want to learn. I’ve been known to make visitors at my home braid sweetgrass for me.

I have made a few unique baskets, including an urn I weaved for my late father.

I am honored when I receive tools and forms as gifts from people who had basket makers in their family. I totally enjoy the friendships with other weavers, sharing ideas, techniques, and laughing.

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